The Habitats Trust Distributes 1000 Monsoon Patrol Kits to the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve

Aug 08, 2018

  • These monsoon kits will aid the forest guards in essential patrol duty, even during heavy rains, when the protected habitat is most vulnerable to illegal wildlife traders and poachers

August 8, 2018; Lucknow. The Habitats Trust, a recently launched foundation working towards protecting habitats and their indigenous species, today extended much-needed support to Dudhwa Tiger Reserve. The Trust has been founded by Ms. Roshni Nadar Malhotra, the CEO of HCL Corporation and Trustee of the philanthropic Shiv Nadar Foundation. It aims to work in the area of wildlife and natural habitat protection through strategic partnerships, focused on-ground efforts, and engaging technology for conservation.

The Habitats Trust distributed 1000 monsoon patrol kits, comprising LifeStraw filtration water bottles, camouflage raincoats, sturdy gumboots, and a weatherproof torch, all packed together in a forest green backpack, to the forest guards who constitute the frontline defense in the fight against wildlife crime and habitat destruction. The Habitats Trust understands that 21st-century conservation efforts require that we engage stakeholders at every level to secure a sustainable future for our natural habitats. The Trust; therefore, will also extend its support to the vulnerable communities living on the forest fringes to encourage them to view wildlife and habitats as an asset, which must be protected, rather than a threat.

Shri SK Upadhyay, Principal Chief Conservator of Forest (Head of Forest Force), and Ms. Roshni Nadar Malhotra were present for the distribution ceremony. Also present were, Shri Pawan Kumar, Principal Chief Conservator of Forest (Wildlife); Shri SP Yadav, Secretary, UP State Biodiversity Board; Shri Ramesh Pandey, the Field Director of Dudhwa Tiger Reserve and Ms. Eva Sharma, GM (Industries), UP Forest Corporation.

Dudhwa, spread over approximately 2,200 km2, was notified as a Tiger Reserve in 1988 and is part of the vibrant and complex Terai Arc landscape. The site is located at the foothills of the Himalayas, along the porous India-Nepal Border, making Dudhwa a vulnerable target for poachers and illegal wildlife traders. The vulnerability of this tiger reserve, like most other protected areas, gets particularly heightened during the monsoon season when the rains make it challenging for forest officers to patrol the vast habitats. The patrol kits provided by The Habitats Trust will ensure that guards can continue to watch the protected area, even in unfavorable weather conditions.

Speaking at the event, Ms. Roshni Nadar Malhotra, CEO, HCL Corporation, Trustee, Shiv Nadar Foundation, and Founder & Trustee, The Habitats Trust said, “I have always felt strongly about the cause of habitat & wildlife conservation. India harbors incredible biodiversity with the highest population of wild tigers and Asian elephants anywhere in the world, and an array of endemic species including the Nilgiri tahr, lion-tailed macaque, and Malabar civet. While the Government is taking serious steps to ensure that the species and habitats on the brink of elimination are protected, we are happy to do our bit towards protecting the ecological diversity of our country.”

About The Habitats Trust

Founded in 2018 by Roshni Nadar Malhotra, the CEO of HCL Corporation and Trustee of the Shiv Nadar Foundation, and Shikhar Malhotra, Vice Chairman of HCL Healthcare and Trustee of the Shiv Nadar Foundation, The Habitats Trust works towards protecting habitats and their indigenous species through strategic partnerships, focused on-ground efforts and engaging technology for conservation. The Foundation envisions a world where our natural habitats are secured for future generations, and humans live in harmony with the wildlife that shares our planet.

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