HCL Jigsaw
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At HCL, we believe in leveraging our strengths to multiply human potential and help people and communities unlock possibilities to drive deeper impact. As part of this philosophy, HCL consistently aims to bring innovations, break barriers and reimagine solutions that not just enable individuals to emerge stronger but also lead to transformative changes for society at large. A key step in this direction is that we empower young individuals with 21st century skills that they can leverage to come up with innovative solutions for real-world problems as they grow into leaders of tomorrow.

Given this, HCL’s pioneering new initiative – HCL Jigsaw aims to assess critical reasoning skills in school students and create a community of young problems solvers for our country and the world at large. A first-of-its-kind initiative, HCL Jigsaw will cover students in grades 6 – 9 from across the country with the goal of:

HCL Jigsaw will also celebrate educators who strive hard to nurture these important skills in young individuals.

In 2021, the competition will have two levels:

Students will get Multiple Choice Questions, each attributing to the facet of critical thinking and real-world problem-solving. The assessment will be adaptive, and the final evaluation for Qualifiers will be based on the participant’s national percentile rank. The top 20% percentile will be awarded a Certificate of distinction, and the top 40% percentile will receive a Certificate of merit. Also, top performers (across each grade) from the Qualifiers round will receive an exciting prize.

The Finale challenge will involve solving a theme based real-world Problem Solving Challenge. The winners will receive prizes worth up to INR 1 L per student including laptop, portable speaker and Wi-Fi printer. They will also get learning opportunities at HCL Innovation Labs on real world projects.

To register for the program, visit www.hcljigsaw.com