HCL hopes to make a lively tech connect with new campaign – The Hindu Business Line

Aug 30, 2012

IT solutions company, HCL, in its latest brand building initiative has got onto YouTube to target the Gen Y audience. It continues to advertise on television as well. 

In 2007, HCL was among the first Indian IT companies to introduce a brand-focused television commercial.

The new campaign is the fourth in the ongoing campaign under the ‘Technology that touches lives’ campaign. It also marks a strategic shift from the case study format used in the previous three commercials.

The new ads, on air since July 1, show two men stranded on an island and how technology comes to their rescue. It is to portray HCL’s transition from an IT service provider to a preferred IT solution partner for customers. It also conveys that HCL understands the needs of its customers and solves them with smart and effective solutions, said a company official. In 2005, HCL started the print advertisement with ‘project heartbeat’ to reinvent HCL as a ‘valuable’ global technology player, said Mr Saurav Adhikari. President, Corporate Strategy, HCL. “We were not always this popular. We built the brand since 2005 with consistency,” he told Business Line.

The first advertisement campaign was the ‘Fearless’, a print-led television campaign to bring out HCL’s core values of ‘guts, courage and passion.’ The campaign also spoke about the company’s size and width. The next was the ‘0 and 1’ where the binary digits were taken as HCL’s brand ambassadors to explained HCL’s ‘multifaceted’ technology. 

“We have invested heavily on building the HCL brand through a 360 degree multimedia campaign, which is primarily led through television advertising. Our brand investments have been to the tune of over Rs 150 crore since 2005,” he said.