HCL & Society

HCL Foundation was established in 2011 as the corporate social responsibility arm of HCL, a diversified global enterprise active across varied sectors including technology, healthcare and talent management. It is a gold standard not for profit organization that matches the national and international development standards and brings about lasting positive impact in the lives of people through long term sustainable programmes implemented in full engagement with HCL’s own employees and partners. Though HCL Foundation officially came about in 2011, its humanitarian journey pre-dates its inception. As an organization, HCL’s business model has always been aligned with the interests of the society at large.

Community Focus in India

HCL Foundation’s efforts are targeted towards achieving holistic community development through two flagship initiatives:

To achieve the above, HCL Foundation has developed four unique programs:

1. Project Samuday - HCLF will undertake developmental work in about 170 Gram Panchayats in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.HCLF would be working closely with the state government and key stakeholders in the communities to address issues in a sustainable manner to turn selected villages into “Model Villages”.
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2. HCL Grant - HCL Grant, an annual commitment of up to INR 20 crore (~USD 3 million), is a programme aimed at championing the rise of the Fifth Estate in India - Non Government Organisations. The HCL Grant is one of the biggest CSR Grants of India, with a robust methodology backing it. Launched in 2015, with one category of Education, the HCL Grant added two more categories, Environment and Health in the year 2016-17.
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3. HCL Uday - HCL is mandated by the belief of ‘giving back’ and strengthening the socio-economic ecosystem of communities it operates in. HCL is housed in large metro cities as well as upcoming Tier 2 cities, in India and across the world. These places are often faced with challenges of rapid urbanisation and inability of communities to be able to cope up. In most places there is significant population living below poverty line, in undignified conditions with negligible access to basic services such as education, health, livelihoods and overall environmental upkeep. Currently, HCL Uday is reaching out to more than 11 cities in India.
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4. Power of One - Power of One is based on the belief that a contribution as small as one rupee per day can make a huge difference in people’s lives. It consists of two components – payroll giving and volunteering. The campaign has a mandate to support the local communities. It is also rolled out in U.S and U.K geographies of HCL. In India, close to 50,000 HCLites are a part of payroll giving. In 2016, HCL Foundation launched a distinct project called My Scholar supported by the funds collected from Power of 1. This project supports long terms scholarships for meritorious students who come from economically challenged backgrounds. HCLites also devoted approximately 100,000 hours this year, reaching out to 200,000 beneficiaries, exemplifying true corporate social responsibility.
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Community Focus in US

In the recent past, HCL had partnered with the United Way of Greater Triangle (Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina) for the Youth Success Program which aims to help young people succeed in school and life. The partnership is focusing on academic and educational support, financial literacy, family and peer support services, mentoring support for young adults, expanded learning opportunities through summer training, after-school and in-school coaching, mental health services, and employment readiness and training. HCL also partnered with NPower Technologies (NGO) to promote employability by developing the skills of youth and war veterans via trainings, internships, job placements and alike.

In FY17-18, HCLA supported the Salvation Army in its disaster relief efforts following recent Hurricanes (Harvey Irma and Maria). Apart from deploying mobile kitchens, support for staging emergency supplies, despatching disaster leadersip teams, HCL supported the Salvation Army to provide water and food to victims of hurricanes and earthquake, with the support of employees and customers. Through its partnership with SOS Children’s Villages, HCL is supporting vulnerable children and families in need of medical and nutrition services, educational programs (STEM programming) and emergency relief efforts. Through Uniting NC’s Code the Dream Program, HCL is supporting free coding education classes for youth from socially and economically compromised backgrounds.

Community Focus in UK

HCL Great Britain Ltd has been working with The Prince’s Trust to help disadvantaged young people to get trained in technology, life skills and career skills which helps them with better livelihood opportunities. HCL is currently supporting 110 young people through this initiative. The programmes give vulnerable young people the practical and financial support needed to stabilise their lives, helping develop self-esteem and skills for work. In FY 17-18, HCL supported Prince’s Trust through two Get Started Programmes in Manchester and Liverpool, The Get Started With Technology series is a special partnership between HCL and Prince’s Trust and lately with our customers and is a one-of-a-kind learning program, aimed at providing mobile application development and digital learning skills to a group of underprivileged young adults in UK. The aim of the program is to make young adults employable and job-ready through a number of skills development and training opportunities. Through this program, 58 young people (24 in FY17-18) have been trained and 18+ customer organizations have been engaged so far through 3 events and plans are on for 2 more events in the coming months.
HCL UK also partnered with Manchester United and Prince’s Trust involving customers to participate in a football match on 2nd June 2017 in Manchester Old Trafford Stadium. The day-long event also had mentorship opportunities to 25 Princes Trust identified kids and opportunities to donate to Princes Trust through this event. Around 65 customer employees participated in this event.

Community Focus in South Africa

In the recent past HCL has been working to bridge the ICT divide across disadvantaged communities in South Africa, by investing in community IT Centres, donating computers, enabling opportunities to become economically independent, providing technology and training to homeless, underprivileged and people with disabilities and encouraging job creation for the youth.
In FY 2017-18, HCL signed an MoU with the University of Johannesburg for supporting a 64-seater fully equipped Computer Lab. University of Johannesburg is a University of prime importance, not only in Africa but also in the world. Comparatively a young university, UJ has made a headway in promoting a diverse, inclusive and transformative learning environment for students from all over the world. HCL’s financial partnership with UJ aims to promote a high quality technology enabled environment for students such that they are present and future ready. The idea is ensure that the education offered at UJ is holistic, futuristic and helps the world come together, such that we have growth and development achieved for all.