Human Potential. Multiplied.

Human Potential Multiplied In Action

Krishnamachari Srikkanth -
Former captain of the Indian cricket team and former chairman of the selection committee

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It takes many hands to knock every challenge out of the park

Hailed as a crowd puller, Krishnamachari Srikkanth's playing style came as a breath of fresh air to the slow-paced cricketing era.

Born in Chennai, Srikkanth went from being an engineer to the most successful batsman during India's first 2 decades of limited overs. His explosive batting style made him a dreaded opponent for many bowlers. He had a confident and fearless approach to the game that also helped him play an important role in the historic World Cup win of 1983.

It all started when C. Rangachari, decided to give Srikkanth his first break in International cricket against archrivals Pakistan. The opportunity came because of an extraordinary inning played by Srikkanth, where he scored 91 for his team.

Even though Srikkanth had a good eye for the game, he struggled to remain consistent, which made him an easy target for critics. But Srikkanth was always the one to believe in his abilities. And not only him, but his opening partner and Team Captain at the time, Sunil Gavaskar also stood by Srikkanth. He encouraged Srikkanth and gave him the freedom to play the way he knew best, at a time when Srikkanth's style of play was generally discouraged.

There were also a few supporters beyond the 22 yards that helped Srikkanth scale staggering heights. His parents Krishnamachari and Indira, completely supported the idea of professional cricket being a career choice. And his wife Vidhya supported Srikkanth while going through highs and lows in his exhilarating life journey.

In the end, Srikkanth's journey to the top has not only been a result of his confidence and self-belief but also is the many who have contributed greatly to each inning of his life. On and off the pitch. This is what we call human potential multiplied.