Human Potential. Multiplied.

Human Potential Multiplied In Action

Abhinav Bindra - India’s 1st Individual Olympic Gold Medalist

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It takes many hands to hit the bullseye

They say that it’s not about the destination as much as about the journey. Shooting prodigy Abhinav Bindra believed that, both in his single minded quest for excellence, and in the relationships that he built along the way. Few things showcase the journey of excellence better than those that support an athlete along the way.

His parents, Apjit and Babli Bindra, supported Abhinav through his decisions, making sure he had the freedom to make his own mistakes, and the guidance to learn from them. They saw the potential in their child for greatness and took steps to provide what was needed.

Coaches like Col. Dhillon and Amit Bhattacharjee identified these as well, creating the right atmosphere for a young athlete to stay on target. Gaby Buhlmann, Heinz Reinkemeier, and Uwe Riesterer took it further, leaving no stone unturned as Abhinav’s passion and desire grew.

The days of failure and injury required a support system that matched Abhinav Bindra’s resolve to bounce back. Individuals like Tim Harkness and Digpal Ranawat proved equal to the task at hand, helping him with the available technology and global practices, bringing him back on par with the best in the world.

Mentors like Manisha Malhotra and Robert Gambardella are rare to find in any situation, and they both contributed to making sure that Abhinav’s aim was always true.

So, each time Abhinav pulls the trigger, it’s the support of all those around him that helps him hit his target. That’s the power of human potential multiplied.

Just like Abhinav’s story – we at HCL believe in the power of collective collaboration – which helps not only in unlocking the potential of an individual – but for communities at large.