Employee Speak

At HCL, the employees are always motivated to go beyond their usual tasks and work, to embrace newer skills, develop their repository of talents and out-perform themselves in multiple arenas.

Below are some of HCL's employees speaking on how working with the company has done them good.

A place where you can paint your own canvas and write the future on your own! It’s an organization which gives you many opportunities to excel and also empowers to achieve organisational and personal goals simultaneously. The management treat you as an Entrepreneur and not an employee. Hence, it’s a place for those who want to be self-driven!
HCL has created a unique culture of Ideapreneurship which has created a vibrant ideapreneurial atmosphere among employees across the organization. This culture and associated platforms are leading to solution finding across accounts in HCL. Unique home grown innovative platforms like Value Portal, Mad Jam and Lead Gen have helped employees evolve into ideapreneurs and have helped the organization see a distinctive move towards an idea centric organization. These platforms help unique ideas prop up from grass root levels [VALUE PORTAL], help employees map customer needs to solutions offered by HCL [LEAD GEN] and motivate business innovations [MAD JAM]. Today HCL is an organization of ideapreneurs who are constantly creating value for HCL and its customers. The outcomes of this unique culture of grassroot innovations has been far reaching and transformational
The most reliable company offering employees job satisfaction clubbed with job stability. HCL provides a wide range of growth opportunities, suitable to the skills and caliber of Employees. HCL’s policy of “Relationship beyond contract” has enabled expansion of our business and wide job opportunities. The concept of “Employee First & Customer Second” creates a homely and Comfortable working environment day in – day out.
In HCL Technologies experience or designation has less bearing on role you get to play but what really count here is the IDEAs you bring to table. You can write your name on a Brick, a Wall or entire Building riding on your ideas and perseverance to execute them. Sky is a limit for HCL canvass; you can keep painting this with your dreams….