Who We Are

From pioneering modern computing in India to reshaping the ideas of healthcare delivery and youth employability, HCL is fueled by the courage to take risks and a sense of purposeful restlessness towards finding solutions that touch lives in new and progressive ways. HCL has revolutionized Indian technology and product innovation with many firsts to its credit.

1st indigenous 8-bit microprocessor based computer

1st offshore site started in Belfast that laid the foundations of GDM

1st to cross the 100,000 unit milestone in the Indian Desktop PC market

1st home computer for India - The Beanstalk

1st to value employees over customers

1st to engage in mature global partnerships

1st to offer multi-service delivery


HCL is proud to have been and continues to be a part of numerous partnerships and joint ventures. These partnerships have helped the company grow and have surely benefitted the industry by paving the path for innovations as well as multi-faceted development models. By way of risk-reward sharing and similar unconventional partnership structures, HCL has played a pivotal role in fostering an environment of transformation and community-based engagements.


The core ethos and spirit which drives HCL is the aim to build solutions and offer interventions that first and foremost add value to people’s lives. At HCL, this culture of care encompasses employees, clients as well as the broader ecosystem.

HCL’s unique innovation culture empowers employees to ideate and find solutions, thereby taking everyday ideas to business impact.

Every client relationship at HCL is led with the ideal of servicing beyond the contract through collaboration, applied innovation and new generation partnership models that put the customers’ interests above all else

HCL’s corporate conscience is defined by meaningful voices looking to make a difference, a concept which has been given shape and direction through the HCL Foundation