Brand HCL


In April 2005, HCL launched its first nation-wide campaign - Fearless. The campaign was copy-led and direct; it spoke about the size and width of the HCL group and focused on its history and legacy. The inherent qualities of guts, passion and courage were highlighted in this campaign.


January 2006 saw the launch of the HCL Numbers Do the Talking campaign. The thought behind this campaign was to announce to the world that HCL is now a $3 billion enterprise. By using the binary digits - 0 and 1 - as brand ambassadors, the company was able to showcase its expertise in technology while upholding the stature of the brand.

Technology that touches lives - Hitchhiker

The campaign launched in April 2007 marked the launch of the HCL employee - Mr. HCL - as the company's brand ambassador. The Hitchhiker campaign was initiated with a view to showcase to the layman how technology driven by HCL touches everybody's daily lives. To keep things interesting, a person from the other end of the spectrum, the one who is the recipient of the technology in the personal and professional space was introduced. The Hitchhiker campaign showed the first chance encounter between these two characters, the premise of which was 'Technology that Touches Lives'.

Technology that touches lives - Airport

With phase 1 being a great success and having a run period of over a year, it was time to add fresh life into the Technology Touches Lives campaign. With the Airport campaign (phase 2) the focus was shifted to the world talking about HCL.

Technology that touches lives - Vignettes

After the two successful campaigns with a single proposition that HCL’s Technology Touches Lives of people everywhere, where the first ad had the protagonist talk about HCL and the second had the world talking about HCL, the time had come to establish width of HCL offerings.

Technology that touches lives - Beach

Phase 4 of the Technology Touches Lives campaign was to highlight the HCL way of thinking, which is out-of-the-box, which thrives on on-the-spot action and resourcefulness. The ads showed Mr. HCL helping out Mr. Banker with instant and innovation solutions in a variety of interesting, outside-the-office spaces.

We Touch Lives

As the group expands its business focus and creates newer business lines, Brand HCL shifts back to its entrepreneurial character that is marked by its ability to constantly challenge the status quo and set new benchmarks of excellence. The new brand campaign is reflective of this statement of purpose and future vision. With the evolution of Brand HCL beyond technology, the humane face of HCL is brought out through different stories that capture the company's core philosophy of touching lives. The new campaign illustrates the journey of the brand through real people and emotions.