The Journey of HCL

Audiovisual Tour

The world has evolved significantly in the last 40 years; HCL has been an integral part of this journey, positively impacting millions of lives along the way.

HCL milestones

Interactive timeline

1976 - 2016

Ever wondered how the present day HCL came to be?

The Chairman Speaks

Shiv Nadar- Founder and Chairman, HCL, Shiv Nadar Foundation - speaks on the occasion of HCL turning 40.

40 Years of Change


Take a lighter look at HCL's impact on India with these entertaining films!

HCL Diaries

Hear HCL veterans who have committed to more than 3 decades in service.

Vijay Anand Guntur
Executive Vice President
R. Rangarajan
Joint President
Anil Chanana
Chief Financial Officer
G. H. Rao
President, Engineering and R&D Services
CT Bhadran
Vice President
R Ravi
Vice President
Shivakumar Srinivasan
Associate Vice President
Anup Datta
Executive Vice President, Engineering and R&D Services